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  • AS-Interface technology at a glance

    AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface) is a standard for fieldbus communication which replaces parallel wiring. AS-Interface is based on the master-slave principle. The master exchanges data cyclically with the (up to 62) connected devices (nodes). By default, each device can have four inputs for reading sensors and four outputs for controlling actuators.

    Piercing technology

    The transmission medium is an unshielded, non-twisted pair, two-conductor flat cable which carries power and communications to the modules, with a low current requirement. For consumers with a higher power requirement, such as motors or valve terminals, a separate flat cable is used for carrying supply voltage.

    The sensors and actuators are generally connected using piercing technology. Here the insulation of the reverse polarity protected flat cable is pierced using two insulation piercing contacts – with no prior preparation necessary. This means modules can be easily moved or added in the segment at any time.

    Adjustable circuit extension

    ASi permits any bus topology. The total cable length is limited, but can be increased using repeaters, bus terminators or extenders.

    When errors occur, diagnostic devices or masters with built-in diagnostics functions help to locate them in the network. If a module fails, it can be easily replaced. The module can then be automatically re-addressed by the master.

    You too can profit from an AS-Interface solution!


    to install, configure, operate and expand


    it’s rugged, noise immune, diagnostics-friendly and cost-effective


    just one cable is used for data and power, can be configured to any topology, highly compatible

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