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    In the age of Industry 4.0, the quality of the data being analyzed is becoming more important than ever. Big data analysis, does not take place on the field level, but one thing is absolutely necessary in intelligent factories; all the data from actuators and sensors must be delivered fast and reliably to various interfaces. This is where ASi gateways come in, as they often represent the first component in the automation pyramid. Due to the increasing complexity in modern industrial automation, ASi has the clear advantage compared with cumbersome parallel wiring.

    Digital networking of industry

    System safety

    Efficiency through automation

    Industrial Automation with AS-Interface

    AS-Interface is compatible with virtually any common fieldbus system used in the high-level controllers of industrial automation, including: PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, CANopen, POWERLINK, Modbus, BACnet, CC-Link, Sercos or EtherNet/IP. All the slaves can be connected to the ASi gateway using a single two-conductor round or flat cable with your choice of topology. The gateway controls the ASi network and acts as a direct interface to the host controller. Industrial automation with AS-Interface reduces installation effort and expense and makes commissioning significantly easier. Maintenance is extremely minimal.

    Digital networking - Data exchange with OPC UA interface

    The newest ASi gateways provide both the fieldbus interfaces and an OPC UA (OPC Unified Architecture) interface. As a universal, standardized cross-platform interface, OPC UA already meets all the requirements of tomorrow’s intelligent factory; enabling data access across all levels, the digital networking of components from different manufacturers, as well as analysis, processing and representation of the data on various operating devices such as touch panels, smart phones, tablets or Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). Trouble-free linking to common Enterprise Resource Planning and cloud systems like SAP or Microsoft Azure is also ensured. This ensures the basic prerequisites for modern automation as part of Industry 4.0 are met.

    IT security in industrial automation

    The OPC UA interface supports you in implementing strategies for Industry 4.0 and automation while also ensuring an effective security strategy. A clean encryption concept with all the modern encryption methods such as RSA or AES offers the best prerequisites for constructing a highly effective cryptography infrastructure throughout the entire company. Additional security comes from a variety of specialized manufacturers for AS-Interface technology.

    The various network interfaces are physically separated in the devices – a technological trick with a dual positive effect; it makes access from one network to another significantly more difficult and also makes segmentation of the individual systems significantly easier.

    Functional safety in industrial automation

    Safety-relevant aspects are now playing a large role in industrial automation, as this is where humans very often interact with machines and equipment. AS-Interface with its ASi Safety at Work concept ensures that all safety components are seamlessly integrated into virtually any industrial automation system – from the safety monitor, to the controller for the safety technology to safe sensors (such as E-STOP buttons, light barriers or door switches), to safe actuators for switching to the (called for) safe state. Both safe ASi components and standard slaves can be used together at any desired location in the AS-Interface network.

    Products and solutions

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    Advantages of industrial automation with AS-Interface

    • Simple, cost-effective commissioning
    • Compatibility with virtually all common fieldbus systems
    • The newest gateways can be easily connected to common ERP and cloud systems
    • OPC UA interface enables direct data access from touch panels, tables and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
    • Simple implementation of safety technology, even with a high degree of automation

    Intelligent industrial automation with AS-Interface

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