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    For manufacturers of packaging machines and packaging technology, the focus is on increasing the efficiency of the machines and equipment. This requires flexible and innovative solutions. Using the right AS-Interface components for safe packaging automation provides lasting optimization of costs and processes in the packaging industry.

    Increased productivity

    Safe packaging


    Packaging automation with AS-Interface

    AS-Interface lets you connect safe and non-safe signals from the field to the PLC through gateways. Up to 124 I/O modules can be connected per gateway. Their data can then be passed to any common controller over the respective fieldbus interface or processed directly in a gateway with optional integrated mini-controller, with or without safety technology. In addition, double masters offer even greater savings. Counter modules for counting pulses of any kind, ASi balance cell controllers for connecting balance cells, special motor modules for controlling a wide range of drives and analog and digital I/O modules are just a few examples of the broad offering of ASi products.

    Functional safety for packaging automation

    There are many areas in packaging technology that have high safety requirements and where safe shutoff must be ensured. Using an ASi Safety at Work solution, you can realize safe communication throughout the entire machine.

    Application examples for packaging automation

    AS-Interface can be used in shrink wrapping, palletizing and pallet stretchers, as well as strapping machines. This reduces wiring effort and expense and the improved overview using ASi means increased efficiency and reduced costs.

    Products & solutions

    Clicking on the link below takes you to Bihl+Wiedemann products which are optimized for use in packaging automation.

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    Advantages of packaging automation with AS-Interface

    • Minimal wiring effort reduces planning, installation and commissioning costs
    • Specific modules for packaging automation such as balance cell controllers, counter and motor modules
    • Intelligent safety technology meets high safety requirements
    • Wide range of applications including shrink wrapping, palletizing and strapping machines

    Intelligent packaging automation with AS-Interface

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