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    Process automation is the automation of technical production processes and equipment. Intelligent process automation is indispensable today in order to remain competitive and ready for the future in the process industry. AS-Interface uses an optimally matched, comprehensive product range to provide high-performance, innovative solutions for digitizing machines and equipment.

    High-performance products

    Improved economy

    Simple process management

    Process automation with AS-Interface

    Intelligent production control and automation significantly increases the efficiency of machines and equipment. Process management is also made considerably easier. Automation solutions for process automation with AS-Interface help to reduce the downtime of your machine and make the best use of capacities. Integrating AS-Interface products and components into the process control technology results in maximum efficiency and performance for your process automation equipment. This is why AS-Interface technology is the solution of choice for many areas of process automation, including the food industry, glass and steel production, but also in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many other industries.

    Functional safety in process automation

    Using the ASi Safety at Work safety concept of AS-Interface lets you achieve both person and process protection as it is regulated by the EU Machinery Directive and in health and safety regulations promoted by different countries. Door interlocks for example are used for protecting both personnel and technical processes.

    Application examples for process automation

    Process automation and optimization with AS-Interface play an important role in process technology and production engineering – including the sub-areas of process engineering and control engineering. For example, safe monitoring of analog signals, such as frequently found in process automation for temperature, pressure or level, can be easily accomplished reliably and above all cost-effectively using AS-i.

    Products & solutions

    Clicking on the link below takes you to Bihl+Wiedemann products which are optimized for use in process automation.

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    Advantages of process automation with AS-Interface

    • High efficiency in production by minimizing downtimes
    • Can be used in many areas of process automation
    • Safety technology for protecting persons and processes
    • Safe monitoring of analog signals for temperature, pressure or level

    Intelligent process automation with AS-Interface

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