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    There are many different solutions for safety components on the market. There are safety monitors, safety analog modules and safety I/O modules, as well as safe contact extensions and simple E-STOP buttons, light barriers, door switches and floor mats. The offering is rounded out with speed monitors and flexible active safety distributors for a wide range of applications.

    Safety Monitor Safety Monitor Product overview
    Safety I/O Modules Safety I/O Modules Product overview
    Active Distributors AS-i Safety Active Distributors AS-i Safety Product overview
    Safety Contact Expansion Modules Safety Contact Expansion Modules Product overview
    Speed Monitors Speed Monitors Product overview
    Safety Analog Modules Safety Analog Modules Product overview

    You too can profit from an AS-Interface solution!


    to install, configure, operate and expand


    it’s rugged, noise immune, diagnostics-friendly and cost-effective


    just one cable is used for data and power, can be configured to any topology, highly compatible

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