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  • AS-Interface.

    Safe, cost-saving automation.

    The international standard for intelligent automation.

    AS-Interface (Actuator-Sensor-Interface) stands for clever automation technology. Whereas in conventional parallel wiring each signal is individually connected to the controller, ASi prevents cable spaghetti:
    using just a simple two conductor cable – the yellow flat cable – the ASi bus connects the full field level to the controller – while at the same time all the slaves are provided with power.
    ASi is a worldwide industry standard – with over 36 million installed nodes. Discover why AS-Interface is so simple, efficient and innovative, and all the uses this manufacturer-neutral bus has to offer!

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    to install, configure, operate and expand


    it’s rugged, noise immune, diagnostics-friendly and cost-effective


    just one cable is used for data and power, can be configured to any topology, highly compatible

    Proven in industrial applications of all kinds

    More and more companies from various sectors are profiting by automating their systems with AS-Interface systems. This open bus technology is widely used in industrial automation, material handling and machine engineering. Find out more information about how ASi is used in seven different sectors below.

    Simple networking of field level systems with AS-Interface

    AS-Interface is an economical system for the lower field level as well. It networks binary sensors and actuators using simple installation methods to connect them with the higher controller level. The technology is promoted and further developed by the AS-International Association user organization.

    ASi cable

    Conventional parallel wiring

    Just one cable for data and power

    Parallel wiring, the geometry of the flat cable also prevents polarity reversal.

    Simple cable piercing technology

    Secure and errorless installation of the components is possible without any training. The installation cost and effort are markedly reduced. ASi modules are also easy to add and move.

    Free choice of topology

    The network topology is completely customizable. Star, ring or line structures are all possible configurations.

    Continuous evolution of the ASi product world

    AS-Interface products and components are continually being improved – including incorporating the new requirements of Industry 4.0. Today, E-STOPS aren’t the only things that are simple to connect and directly evaluate in the safety monitor. There are also numerous intelligent modules; including speed monitoring and motor control. You can find more information about the individual ASi components below, including links to examples of products and solutions from Bihl+Wiedemann.

    Facts and Data

    From key technical data to the development history - below you will find important information pertaining to AS-Interface.

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