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    Machine and systems engineering places great demands on economy, performance capability, precision and quality. Intelligent machine automation reduces costs, optimizes machine run times and thereby provides a sustained increase in production efficiency. ASi technology offers automation solutions for machine engineering firms and their machine controllers. The wide range of products means there is always an optimal solution, whether for machine tool building, specialty machines or series production machines.

    Modular system

    Optimization of machine run times

    Cost reduction

    Automation solutions with AS-Interface for machine engineering

    As a reliable, modular and easy to install system, AS-Interface is ideal for use in machine and systems engineering. The universally applicable modules can be seamlessly integrated into machines and production equipment from many different manufacturers, where they ensure optimal communication between the various machine parts. The simple installation technology and expandability of AS-Interface contributes to efficient cost reduction of machines and equipment which is becoming more customized for particular customers.

    Functional safety for your machine and equipment

    Safety of machines and equipment is becoming ever more important in industry. AS-Interface products and components meet the requirements of the EU Machine Directive 2006/42/EG.

    With ASi Safety at Work you can monitor and control even the safety components in your automation technology – safe sensors and actuators – with the integrated safety monitor and integrate these components into virtually any automation system. Compared with conventional safety solutions both safe as well as non-safe signals can be sent over ASi. Thanks to this intelligent and simple connection technology utilizing just one cable, you save significant costs versus expensive individual wiring.

    Application examples for machine engineering

    Machine engineering firms, as well as systems builders, choose ASi because the system is simple to install, easy to use and features modular construction. In machines which themselves use modular design, AS-Interface makes it easy to add and remove machine components. Users save time using ASi in commissioning and less control cabinet space is required.

    Products & solutions

    Clicking on the link below takes you to Bihl+Wiedemann products which are optimized for use in machine engineering.

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    Advantages of machine engineering using AS-Interface

    • Maximum efficiency by optimizing machine run times
    • Components and products meet requirements of the Machinery Directive
    • Automation solutions for any machine and system size
    • Universally applicable modules for a wide variety of tasks
    • Machine modules are simple to add or remove

    Intelligent machine engineering with AS-Interface

    We would be happy to consult with you and develop solutions for your equipment.


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