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    The requirements for building automation range from increasing convenience and safety demands, to the networking of building systems with each other. Intelligent building technology should respond to individual use and varying external conditions, while at the same time working efficiently, economically and the capability of being easily incorporated into the building control system. The emphasis is on increased convenience through the intelligent control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation; low energy consumption through intelligent control of power, light, climate and fire protection.

    Realizing such systems for modern building automation and building control requires numerous remotely installed sensors and actuators.

    It is especially important in building automation and building systems engineering that installation and assembly be as simple as possible.

    Networking of systems and buildings

    Intelligent systems

    Low energy consumption

    Building automation with AS-Interface

    AS-Interface makes building automation easier in many respects. Transmitting data on two cables significantly reduces the installation and commissioning effort and expense. Thanks to the free choice of ASi topology, changes and additions can be made with minimal effort.

    Safety technology in building automation

    The ASi Safety at Work concept is also used in building automation. The safety components can be programmed using PC software to ensure safe communication of the systems among each other.

    Application examples for building automation

    AS-Interface is used for installation systems, such as controlling fire and smoke exhaust dampers, shutter drives or heating and cooling ceilings.

    Products & solutions

    Clicking on the link below takes you to Bihl+Wiedemann products which are optimized for use in building automation.

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    Advantages of building automation with AS-Interface

    • Significantly reduced installation effort and expense compared with conventional wiring
    • Fewer cables in the building reduces fire loads
    • Safety-oriented solutions (up to SIL3 possible)
    • Modules can be retrofitted without opening firewalls or pulling cables through the control cabinet

    Intelligent building automation with AS-Interface

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