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  • AS-Interface. Efficient bus communication

    AS-Interface has established itself as a standard for bus communication. This modern alternative to parallel wiring was developed for connecting actuators and sensors. It has proven itself not only in a wide range of industries, sectors and applications, but also with its numerous advantages. Learn about AS-Interface and discover how you too can benefit from the AS-Interface technology.

    Advantages of AS-Interface

    Just one cable for data and power

    Parallel wiring, the geometry of the flat cable also prevents polarity reversal.

    Simple cable piercing technology

    Secure and errorless installation of the components is possible without any training. The installation cost and effort are markedly reduced. ASi modules are also easy to add and move.

    Free choice of topology

    The AS-Interface network topology is freely selectable and every ASi module can be installed at any position. For example, it is possible to configure star, ring or linear structures.

    High productivity, efficiency and safety - advantages of AS-Interface

    The ASi technology is compatible with virtually any common fieldbus system. It features not only fast and flexible installation that allows new nodes to be connected without cumbersome cable assembly, but is also simple to expand. The user friendliness of AS-Interface ensures that the system can be operated and maintained without additional training or specialized service personnel and because it is compatible with any topology, you can implement cable structures that correspond to the mechanical layout of your system. Standardized profiles allow for simple integration of new devices and compared with parallel wiring, AS-Interface saves you an enormous amount of time in planning, installation, expansion and service. Certified products ensure manufacturer-neutral compatibility.

    You too can profit from an AS-Interface solution!


    to install, configure, operate and expand


    it’s rugged, noise immune, diagnostics-friendly and cost-effective


    just one cable is used for data and power, free choice of topology, highly compatible

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