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  • ASi 5- The latest innovation stage of AS-Interface

    ASi-5 is the latest innovation stage of the well-proven AS-Interface (ASi) standard. The main reason for evolving ASi was the fact that increasing digitalization brings with it ever greater volumes of data. ASi-5 has both great data bandwidth and short cycle times. This makes it possible to transport larger volumes of data, without restrictions, to where it can yield valuable information.

    Great data bandwidth, short cycle times
    Compatible with all ASi generations
    Easy integration from IO-Link sensors

    ASi advantages

    ASi-5 offers you all the advantages that have already made ASi so special in the past. For example, power and data are still transmitted over a single cable, you have free choice of your topology and the safety technology is still on the same infrastructure.

    Quickly transmit large data volumes

    The main advantage of ASi-5 is that you can now transmit larger data volumes significantly faster. Thanks to its great data bandwidth and short cycle times, AS-Interface opens up a lot of new possibilities. For example, transmitting analogue values is considerably quicker with ASi-5. In addition, you can easily integrate smart IO-Link sensors with up to 32 bytes.

    ASi-5 enables your smooth path into the digital future

    Increasing digitalization and Industry 4.0 require a good data layer. Therefore, smart sensors become more and more important as suppliers of additional data. ASi-5 enables your smooth path into the digital future. With the new AS-Interface generation, you can transport ever greater data volumes to where they can yield valuable information. Using an integrated OPC UA server in ASi-5 / ASi-3 gateways, you can even do this directly and in parallel with the communication with the fieldbus.

    Cost-efficiently collect inputs and outputs

    ASi-5’s increased power offers another advantage: Using ASi-5 modules enables the cost-efficient and fast collection of numerous inputs and outputs in one place. Compared to other fieldbus solutions, ASi-5 modules are an affordable alternative.

    More about AS-Interface


    ASi-5 is compatible with earlier ASi generations

    ASi-5 is fully compatible with all earlier certified ASi products. Therefore, you can use new ASi-5 devices together with ASi devices of any previous generation – in existing as well as in new ASi networks because all ASi generations work in parallel on the same cable.

    If you already use ASi, you can easily add ASi-5 devices – and continue to use your existing ASi devices. New ASi-5 devices are particularly suited for use in system sections with additional demands on data volume, transmission speed or I/O density.

    The only prerequisite to using ASi-5 devices: you need an ASi-5 / ASi-3 gateway. Without ASi-5 devices, the new ASi-5 / ASi-3 gateways work exactly as earlier ASi-3 gateways because the ASi-3 part remains unchanged. Using new ASi-5 / ASi-3 gateways, you can easily replace your existing gateways.

    More about ASi-5 products


    ASi-5 has all the well-proven strengths of ASi

    • Transmit data and power in a single two-core flat cable
    • Freely choose your topology without costly switches (tree, ring, star, line)
    • Cost-efficiently integrate safety on the same infrastructure
    • Easily install and expand your system using ASi piercing technology
    • Certified products for manufacturer-independent compatibility
    • Affordable noise-resistant system that does not require shielding



    ...and ASi-5 offers you many additional advantages

    • 1.27ms cycle time for up to 384 input and 384 output bits
    • 16-bit I/O data and profiles with up to 32 bytes of process data per device
    • Easily integrate smart IO-Link sensors
    • ASi-5 is compatible with all earlier ASi generations for combined use of different ASi device
    • ASi safety and ASi-5 easily work together
    • Highly economical because of reduced costs per input / output
    • Advanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance

    ASi network with ASi-5 and ASi-3 products

    (Click to enlarge)

    ASi-5 Q&As

    How compatible is ASi-5 with earlier ASi generations?

    ASi-5 is fully compatible with all earlier certified ASi products. Therefore, you easily combine ASi-5 devices with ASi devices of any other generation. Simply add ASi-5 devices to existing ASi networks and continue to use existing ASi-3 devices. All you need for ASi-5 devices is an ASi-5/ASi-3 gateway. In a gateway, the ASi-3 part remains unchanged.  Existing gateways are simply replaced by an ASi-5 / ASi-3 gateway.

    Why is ASi 5 the direct successor of ASi-3?

    Basically, there are two reasons why there is no ASi-4. On the one hand, it illustrates that the development step from ASi-3 to ASi-5 is really big. On the other hand, it eliminates a potential similarity of names with Industry 4.0. While Industry 4.0 is an important innovation driver for the new ASi generation, it is not the only one.

    Where is the use of ASi-5 particularly beneficial?

    ASi-5 is particularly suited for applications with high transmission speeds or high data volumes. ASi-5 digital modules also allow you to cost-efficiently collect a greater number of inputs and outputs in one place. This makes ASi-5 digital modules an affordable alternative to other fieldbus solutions. In addition, ASi-5 makes it easier than ever to integrate smart sensors, e.g., IO-Link sensors with up to 32 bytes.

    Are ASi-5 components from different manufacturers compatible?

    Yes. ASi-5 continues to ensure unrestricted interoperability. All certified products with an ASi logo can easily be used together in a common network. It does not make any difference who manufactured the products.

    Is ASi-5 also a joint development?

    Yes. Like all earlier ASi generations, ASi-5 is a joint development of several manufacturers of ASi products. In over 200,000 developer hours, the new innovation stage of AS-Interface evolved into a mature technology. ASi-5 protects investments and provides companies with a smooth path into the digital future.

    You too can profit from an AS-Interface solution!


    to install, configure, operate and expand


    it’s rugged, noise immune, diagnostics-friendly and cost-effective


    just one cable is used for data and power, can be configured to any topology, highly compatible

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